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iOS: Jaenre Transliteration

Jaenre is short for JApanese-ENglish-REsource. It is a reference tool to help English speakers to work with the Japanese language.

Jaenre Transliteration is based off the transliteration functionality that is used in the Jaenre desktop application.

Transliteration is the process of converting the sounds expressed in one character set into the sounds expressed by another character set. In the case of this app, it converts the sounds as expressed in the Roman (romaji) alphabet into sounds expressed by both the Hiragana and Katakana character sets.

Basic usage involves tapping on the upper text field on the Convert panel to bring up the keyboard. As one types, the conversion to the Japanese characters will occur in real time. Press the Done button to hide the keyboard input. Press and hold either the hiragana or katakana field to bring up the copy menu. Alter the selection bars and press Copy. Switch to another app. Press and hold on a text field to bring up the paste menu. Press the Paste button to insert the text.

Since this app converts sounds, notice that features like auto-correct and spell-checking are disabled.

There is a mapping panel to adjust how the romaji characters are converted.

Manual Apple Store page

macOS: FragmentLooper

This is an application that plays a fragment or a piece of a sound file. This provides a simple tool that allows people to repeatedly play a section of a sound file without manually trying to jump about as you'd need to do in a standard music player. It was originally conceived as a tool to help musicians practice by letting them focus on a smaller part of a song. It can be used for other purposes like allowing language students to repeat small passages in their hearing exercises.

Manual Apple Store page

macOS: ImageGridLayout

This is an application that can be used to create images by placing other images in a regular grid layout. Useful for creating backgrounds for computer desktops. Just drag some images onto the application icon, set the properties of the final image and save to a new image file.

Manual Apple Store page

macOS: Jaenre

Jaenre is short for JApanese-ENglish-REsource. It is a reference tool to help English speakers to work with the Japanese language. To this end, Jaenre consists of several windows.

There are a few panels that have buttons on them. Clicking these buttons will send the text on that button to the topmost selected text field. There is a panel each for the Hiragana and Katakana character sets. There's also a panel with some punctuation used by the Japanese that is not readily available to English speakers.

Two panels provide a means to browse for Kanji characters. One through the traditional Radical system. Another through the more modern SKIP system.

A transliteration window is available that has three text areas corresponding to Romaji, Hiragana and Katakana. Selecting one field and typing into it will convert to the other character sets.

There is a search window that can be used to search through the Jaenre database.

A text window is provided in the form of a scratch pad. Here one can store various text items. They then can be cut and pasted to other applications.

Jaenre is not an application for beginners. Its purpose is to assist, not teach. Knowing the Hiragana and Katakana character sets is a must. A familiarity with using dictionaries is must. A basic working knowledge of written Japanese will help.

Manual Apple Store page

macOS: SideBySideViewer

This is an application is used to view images side by side in a traditional book style layout. One can drag images onto the app to add them to the list to view. The arrow keys can be used to navigate the image list. There are two display modes. The first is a window with a file list and other GUI controls. The second is a clean full screen view that only shows the images. One can toggle back and forth to full screen mode with the return key. Images supported are common image formats like jpegs and pngs.

Manual Apple Store page

This app is an update of the old Book View app. The name change was to prevent some confusion about what sort of files could be viewed. This app only views simple images like jpegs and pngs. The old name seemed to imply support for various eBook formats that this app does not have.

macOS: manual

All the macOS software created by this author follows the same pattern. In the application menu, open the Help menu which shows a <App Name> Help menu item that will open a manual so that it is possible to learn more about that application. The same manual that comes with the application appears here on this site in order to help with purchase decisions.


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